Tiger-tec Silver

The future generation of cutting tool materials: Tiger•tec® Silver.

With the “SilverTiger”, Walter sets a new standard in the field of CVD-coated carbides. An unprecedented leap in performance, never before has a cutting tool material been so close to being the “ideal cutting material”. The “SilverTiger” delivers a performance increase of 50 – 100 %. The introduction to market of the high-end cutting tool material will be phased, beginning with the universal grade WKP35S (S = silver) with CVD-Al2O3-coating for the milling of cast iron and steel materials (ISO-K, ISO-P). While Walter’s current WKP35 material is already far superior to competitors’ products on the world market, the SilverTiger WKP35S delivers a further 70 % improvement in tool life.

World’s first SilverTiger: Tougher. Harder. Sharper.

  • Ground-breaking innovation in the form of a new CVD-Al2O3-coating.
  • External appearance: black rake face and silver-coloured flank face
  • Revolutionary SilverTiger Technology is based on a special coating combination in conjunction with a brand new type of surface treatment.
  • Enables the use of the highest cutting parameters for the shortest machining times. Application areas: dry and wet milling of cast iron and steel materials. The ideal choice in the widest variety of industries: energy, aerospace, automotive, general mechanical engineering, railway.

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