Walter Capto adapters

Walter Capto – the most modular quick-change system with the greatest rigidity on the market. The major benefit is in its tapered polygonal form, making it ideal for absorbing torsional and even bending forces.
This is why this interface is not only the first choice for lathes, but also for turning/milling centres. A complete tool range is available, comprising adaptors, turning holders, special adaptors with 45° tools for turning/milling centres, etc. Walter Capto saves time and money.

Walter Capto

  • Walter Capto adaptors for VDI30 – VDI60
  • Square / round shank adaptors are available in the standard tool range for Japanese machines
  • Walter Capto adaptors for driven tools
  • Special adaptors according to customer requirements

  • All-in-one tool adaptor system for the single-source equipment of machines
  • The selection includes Walter Capto extensions, reduction adaptors, collet chucks, tap adaptors, attachable milling spindles, etc.
  • High flexibility offered by adaptors on square shanks
  • One system – for all your machining needs