FREZEN - Walter Prototyp

Hoge Snelheidsfrees voor Harde Metalen

High-speed milling cutters for hard machining

Hard machining puts tool and machine to the toughest test. The Ultra tool range from Walter Prototyp passes this test with flying colours. A perfect match, the tools have the optimum blend of carbide substrate – coating – geometry.
The comprehensive range comprises milling cutters with a “keen” cutting edge, tools with corner radii and a radius contour milling cutter. A special feature of the Ultra family are the mini milling cutters with diameters from 0.3 mm.

Ultra – shank cutter with corner radius

  • Machining of hardened steels up to 65 HRC
  • Very stable wedge due to negative rake angles for maximum tool life
  • Increase in the material removal rate due to HPC strategies, e.g. slot milling by means of toroidal milling cutters
  • Very good surface quality, even in the finishing of blind hole surfaces

Ultra – radius cutter with 3 centre-facing cutting edges

  • Machining of hardened steels up to 65 HRC
  • Increase in productivity when finishing due to the use of 3 effective cutting edges
  • Best surface finish in 3-axis and 5-axis machining