FREZEN - Walter Prototyp

Multi-inzetfrees en finniseerfrees

Solid carbide multipurpose cutters, finishing cutters

Workpiece requirements call for ever better tool surfaces. Walter Prototyp finishing cutters have special geometries that satisfy this demand. Our geometry prevents chatter marks and produces smooth milling characteristics.
The product range includes tools with different cutting edge lengths and helix angles

N60 – finishing cutter with 60° helix angle

  • High-twist solid carbide shank cutter for the purest finish
  • 60° helix angle produces a soft cutting action and achieves the best surface finish on the workpiece
  • Good removal of chips due to the high helix angle, thereby preventing scratching of the machined surface on the component

N45 – finishing cutter with 45° helix angle

  • Tool specifically for the machining of ISO material groups P, M, and K
  • Stable and smooth machining of the workpiece due to the all-new microgeometry on the cutting edge, thereby eliminating vibrations.
  • High-quality TiAlN coating for maximum tool life