FREZEN - Walter Prototyp


Walter Prototyp roughing cutters

The new Protostar Flash is a high-performance tool for economical roughing in the 2.5D and 3D range with low cutting depth and very high feed rates. It is suitable for machining alloyed and unalloyed steels.
Extremely tough: the new Protostar Qmax with optimised geometry for maximum material removal rates in sophisticated materials.

Protostar Flash

  • The all-new end face geometry enables significantly higher tooth feed rates fz for faster material removal rates
  • High-quality TiAlN coating for maximum tool life
  • Since cutting takes place exclusively on the end face of the tool, the machine spindle is subjected almost only to axial forces that are easily absorbed

Protostar Qmax

  • Solid carbide milling cutter with knurled splines reduces cutting forces and generates short chips
  • Internal cooling aids chip removal and increases process reliability
  • Very good roughed surface due to improved roughing profile
  • All tools have the latest TiAlN coating offering advantages for dry and wet machining