FREZEN - Walter


Of the highest level: Xtra·tec® slot and slitting cutters

The newly developed side and face milling cutters with their sturdy, tangential and four-edged indexable inserts ensure a high machining volume (from 4 mm cutting width and above) for parting, slitting, slotting and trimming.
The new porcupine cutter family for shoulder milling and trimming is suitable for cost-effective machining of P, K, S and N materials.

Xtra-Tec Walter porcupine cutter F4038 / F4138 / F4238

  • High process reliability due to the firmly embedded front plates and large cutting areas
  • Extremely soft cutting action due to high positive cutting edge geometry
  • Milling without steps

Xtra-Tec Walter side and face milling cutter F4053 / F4153 / F4253

  • Side and face milling cutters starting at a cutting width of 4 mm
  • 4-cut tangential indexable inserts
  • Hard-nickel plated surface provides protection from corrosion and wear, and ensures a better chip flow
  • Enhanced handling and higher tensioning and release torque from using Torx Plus bolts