FREZEN - Walter


Performance and precision: Walter copy milling cutters

The milling cutter F2334, with its round inserts with location flats and a sturdy fixation, ensures maximum feed rates and cutting performance, particularly when roughing difficult-to-cut materials, such as titanium alloys.
The Walter slot milling cutter, for example, doesn’t only ensure enormous performance and precision for HSC operations in copy milling.

Walter milling cutter F2334

  • Round inserts with location flats ensure high stability insert clamping
  • Ideal for maximum feed rates and cutting efficiency
  • Ideal for roughing operations and difficult-to-machine materials

Walter finishing ball nose cutter F2139

  • High-precision tool with indexable inserts
  • Finishing cutter, ideal for HSC operations
  • Also available in a carbide shank version for finishing deep pockets