The new Paradur Short Chip Soft has been specially designed for deep blind hole threads up to 3.5xd and materials with a strength up to approx. 850 N/mm². A patented cutting geometry and a small helix angle even enable optimum chip breaking in soft materials.

Paradur Short Chip soft

  • A special cutting geometry and small helix angle ensure perfect chip breaking even in long-chipping, soft materials
  • Long flutes and axial internal cooling guarantee optimum chip transport and unsurpassed process reliability
  • Short threaded guide for reduced friction, especially for deep threads
  • TiN – Tip coating and additional steam treatment for exceptional tool life without cold welding

The HSS-E taps Paradur Synchrospeed and Prototex Synchrospeed have been specially developed for synchronous tapping (rigid tapping) in a wide variety of materials. Besides structural steel and high strength steel, these tools can also be used in stainless steel, spheroidal graphite and malleable cast iron as well as in long-chipping copper and aluminium alloys.

Paradur Synchrospeed

  • More precise thread depth without manual programme correction
  • Universally applicable in a wide variety of materials
  • A greater flank relief ensures a lower temperature on the cutting edge
  • The combined use of the Synchrospeed tap and the Prototex C synchronous tapping chuck results in optimum service life, process reliability and productivity.