Solid carbide Tab

The new Prototex HSC is the first solid carbide tap for long-chipping materials. The innovative tap is designed for through holes and is based on a special solid carbide that exhibits a high degree of wear resistance and simultaneous toughness. The application area is intended for steel and long-chipping materials up to approx. 1200 N/mm² tensile strength.

Prototex HSC

  • Special solid carbide with increased wear resistance and high toughness
  • Optimised spiral point guarantees greater process reliability when used with long-chipping materials
  • Increased number of flutes and TiCN-hard material coating for maximum wear resistance and a very long service life
  • Lubrication grooves on the shaft ensure optimum cooling
  • Up to 3 times the cutting speed in comparison to conventional HSS-E taps

The Paradur Engine has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry in terms of the cutting geometry, range of dimensions and construction measurements. The tap is the perfect match for machining engine blocks, cylinder heads or gear boxes.

Paradur Engine

  • High service life thanks to optimally coordinated material-specific coatings:
    • GG: TiCN
    • GJV: TAFT
    • AlSi: DLC, THL or bright
  • Threads down to the bottom of the hole due to short chamfer form E
  • Utmost process reliability even for deep through hole threads in long-chipping materials thanks to the secure chip management (short chips).
  • Reduced production costs per thread on account of the high cutting speeds and long tool life